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"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age."
Matthew 28:19-20 (KJV)

To SEND believers with message of Jesus Christ to our community, region, and the world, EBC supports missionaries and mission organizations through both prayer and financial giving.

The following are missionaries and organizations supported by Evergreen Baptist Church, , listed in alphabetical order by ministry name or missionary last name. Click on a link to jump directly to that profile, or scroll down the page to browse the profiles.

Jon & Kristina Coulter - Young Life

Jon and Kristina Coulter are missionaries with Young Life, a non-denominational Christian ministry that reaches out to adolescents through volunteers, staff, club meetings, and camps by building meaningful relationships with young people.

The Young Life organization is divided up into regions, and each region is divided into local areas. Jon and Kristina currently serve in the Young Life Oregon-SW Washington Region, in the local area served by the Lake Oswego, OR ministry.

To find out more about the Young Life ministry, visit the Young Life main website, or the Lake Oswego Young Life website.

SCOPE: Regional - Pacific Northwest (USA)

Young Life
Lake Oswego Young Life website.
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Everett Gospel Mission

The Everett Gospel Mission was established in 1961 and is now the largest Faith-Based organization to the homeless in Snohomish, Skagit, San Juan and Island counties.

The clients that come to EGM are most often devoid of resources, living well below the poverty level. To provide dignity and compassionate care, EGM offers meals, housing for 125-150 men each night at our Men's Shelter and for 75 women & children each night at our Women and Children's Shelter, and reduced rental units for up to 10 single women at Lydia house.

SCOPE: Regional - Puget Sound (Washington State, USA)
Everett Gospel Mission
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Ariel Ministries

Ariel Ministries, created to evangelize and disciple our Jewish brethren, has been born from necessity to meet an urgent need. Ariel means “Lion of God,” representing the Messiah Yeshua as the Lion of Judah. It is also an alternate name for Jerusalem (Isaiah 29:1) — the city of peace now waiting for the Prince of Peace to return. It was in Jerusalem, in 1966, that a burning seed of desire was planted in the heart of Arnold Fruchtenbaum. On December 1, 1977, in San Antonio, Texas, Ariel Ministries was born and the seed began to bloom.

You can checkout Arnold Fruchtenbaum’s biography at the Ariel Ministries website.

SCOPE: Worldwide
Ariel Ministries
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The Gideons International

The Gideons International, founded in 1899, serves as an extended missionary arm of the church: Our sole purpose is to win men, women, boys and girls to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ through association for service, personal testimony, and distributing the Bible in the human traffic lanes and streams of everyday life.

SCOPE: Worldwide
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Gary Horton - American Freedom Assembly

Using humor, honesty and a hard-hitting approach, Gary Horton, missionary to American schools, has entertained and inspired young audiences in more than 8,000 high school and junior-high school assemblies across the United States since 1978.

To Gary, the phrase "one nation under God..." is more than simply words in the Pledge of allegiance. Underlying those words is Gary’s understanding of his personal relationship to God through Jesus Christ His Son, and how such a relationship can motivate each of us to accomplish great things for ourselves and our country.

SCOPE: National (USA)
American Freedon Assembly
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Ralph & Cindy LaRosa - Operation Grace World Missions

Ralph and Cindy arrived in the Philippines in 1975 and began their present ministry, centered in Lucena City on the Island of Luzon, in 1978. From Lucena City, the capital of Quezon, located about 81 miles (130 km) south of Manila, God has opened doors throughout all of the CALABARZON (an acrostic for five industrial provinces of southern Luzon). The LaRosa’s ministry includes Bible classes and services, church school, a day-school, and centers for Bible training, youth, and the deaf.

SCOPE: International - Luzon (Philippines)
Operation Grace World Mission
LaRosa Profile
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Paul & Diana Mayhugh - Great Wall Ministries

The Mayhughs serve with the Great Wall Ministries team in Macau. The primary focus of this ministry is church planting and leadership training. Great Wall Ministries functions in partnership with WorldVenture Macau. WorldVenture is a mission organization dedicated to launching an initiative to penetrate a minimum of 20 new areas of ministry by no later than 2010, and to recruit and train the missionaries needed to reach the people living in those areas with the Gospel of Jesus Chris.

SCOPE: International - Macau (China)
Mayhughs' World Venture Profile
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Olivier & Ellen Melnick - Chosen People Ministries

Olivier serves as regional director for Chosen People Ministries in Washington state with his wife Ellen. They have two children, J.D. and Anne-Claire. Chosen People Ministries began in 1894 in Brooklyn, New York, when Rabbi Leopold Cohn accepted Jesus and was gripped with the need to reach Jewish people with the Good News. The ministry expanded, changing its name from the American Board of Missions to the Jews to Chosen People Ministries - an organization of Jewish and Gentile believers committed to bringing the Good News to the Jewish people. Olivier and Ellen both have a strong burden to reach Jewish people for the Messiah. Olivier’s mission is to aid Christians in understanding the Jewish people, and to train them to be effective in Jewish evangelism. Olivier’s passion is to see Jewish people all over the world accept Jesus as their promised Messiah.

SCOPE: Regional - Northwestern  (USA)
Chosen People Ministries Melnicks' Profile
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Pregnancy Resource Center

Pregnancy Resource Centers of Snohomish County provide confidential, caring, and non-judgmental counsel for women dealing with unexpected pregnancy. All services are provided absolutely free, including pregnancy testing, limited ultrasound, and many other critical resources. Over 15,000 women have come to PRC since 1984 to receive care, information, and counsel that helped them make informed decisions regarding their pregnancy.

Scope: Regional - Snohomish County, Washington (USA)
Pregnancy Resource Center
PRC Partners of Snohomish
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Seattle's Union Gospel Mission

Since 1932 Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission (UGM) has offered hope to the homeless and hungry of Seattle. Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission is a private faith-based organization that helps the community reach out with compassion to those who have lost hope. And as a community, we empower one another to build, lead and give back.

SCOPE: Regional - Seattle, Washington (USA)
Seattle's Union Gospel Mission
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Larry & Mary Waters

Dr. Larry Waters and Mary Waters served as resident missionaries in the Philippines from 1973 to 1999, and today, Larry and Mary serve with BEE World, a missionary organization focusing on Asia, where Larry is the Philippines director.

Since 2001 Larry has served as an adjunct professor of Bible Exposition and World Missions and Intercultural Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary, and is also adjunct professor of Bible and Missions for The Criswell College in Dallas.

The worldwide missionary work of Larry and Mary continues through BEE World, primarily in the Philippines, Jordan, and Hungary. Larry is the author of Bible and Missions curriculum for the Internet Bible Seminary connected with BEE World.

SCOPE: International - Philippines, Jordon (Middle East), Hungary

BEE World
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Nick & Debbie Siemens

Nick and Debbie are veteran TWR missionaries. Nick was born in the former Soviet Union and came to TWR in 1977 in response to a need in the Russian department in Monte Carlo. Debbie is from the States and served short-term in Monte Carlo in 1979. This is where they met and fell in love. They were married in May of 1980.

Nick and Debbie served faithfully in Monte Carlo for many years. Nick served as a program producer in the Russian department and as a studio technician. Debbie auditioned English programs. In 1987, the TWR Russian department was moved from Monte Carlo to TWR’s international partner, ERF Medien, in Wetzlar, Germany.

Nick continues as a vital part of the Russian/Ukrainian ministry and spends many weeks away from home in his work related travels. Debbie is the assistant to the TWR Central Asian ministry director and helps coordinate the ministry for that region. They treasure every opportunity they have to travel into the various countries to meet with the local staff and experience the ministry firsthand. God is at work in the countries of the former Soviet Union.

SCOPE: International - Eastern Europe
Nick and Debbie Siemens
Trans World Radio
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Eduart and Valbona Demo

Eduart and Valbona Demo, children Noel and Sion
Under communism we both grew up thinking that there was no God. After Communism fell in 1991, we both learned that we came from a muslim background. When I (Eduart) was exposed to the Gospel for the first time, I was skeptical about the resurrection of Jesus which I had never heard before. I wanted to know God and thought my background religion would help me. But I became more attracted to exploring the truth of the death and resurrection of Jesus. In 1993 I became totally convinced of this truth and surrendered to Him totally. I (Valbona) heard the message about Jesus at school when some missionaries spoke to our class. I was deeply moved by the great message and was ready to respond to it immediately, knowing I would face many difficulties in the coming years with my parents for changing my faith. As a couple we have been in full time ministry since 2001. It is a great joy to spend our lives telling others about the Gospel as we plant and establish churches.

Scope: International - Albania
Illyricum Movement
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