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The following audio bible lessons are recordings made during EBC Adult Bible Classes and Worship Services, compressed in MP3 format, and are offered free of charge, on a grace basis. To download, right click on the lesson number and select "Save Target As...". Left click on download to play.

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Available Series

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Series TitleTeacher
Christian History Made EasyCarl Aardsma
Synopsis: A complete survey of Christian History.
Judgement on a Corrupt Nation - Part 3Pastor Paul Schmidtbleicher
Synopsis: A study of 2 Kings and 2 Chronicles. A continuation of the series "Judgement on a Corrupt Nation."
New Testament Letters - 1 TimothyPastor Paul Schmidtbleicher
Synopsis: A line-by-line study of the book of 1 Timothy. Part of an ongoing study of all the New Testament epistles.
Selected ProverbsPastor Paul Schmidtbleicher
Synopsis: A detailed study that will help you understand and claim for your own the wisdom God provides in this marvelous Old Testament book.
What the Bible Says About AngelsPastor Paul Schmidtbleicher
Synopsis: An exciting study on Angels - God's Mysterious Creatures.
EphesiansJess Kritsis (March 29, 1922 - July 6, 2012)
Synopsis: A line by line study of the book of Ephesians.
Synopsis: Various special lessons.
HANDOUTS(For all classes.)
Synopsis: Handouts provided during bible classes.

Series:Christian History Made Easy
Teacher:Carl Aardsma
Time:Adult Bible Class - Sunday, 9:30 AM
(NOTE: Lessons with an asterisk * are shorter due to copyrighted DVD material presented during the class, which is not recorded.)

LessonDateTitle Teacher
06404-06-2014Christian History Made EasyCarl Aardsma
06504-13-2014Christian History Made EasyCarl Aardsma*
06604-27-2014Christian History Made EasyCarl Aardsma
06705-04-2014Christian History Made EasyCarl Aardsma
06805-11-2014Christian History Made EasyCarl Aardsma
06905-18-2014Christian History Made EasyCarl Aardsma
07005-25-2014Christian History Made EasyCarl Aardsma
07106-08-2014Christian History Made EasyCarl Aardsma
07206-15-2014Christian History Made EasyCarl Aardsma
07306-22-2014Christian History Made EasyCarl Aardsma

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Series:Judgement on a Corrupt Nation - Part 3
Teacher:Pastor Paul Schmidtbleicher
Time:Worship Service - Sunday, 10:30 AM

00104-06-2014The Josiah Revival (Introduction)
00205-04-2014The Josiah Revival; Return to David
00305-18-2014The Josiah Revival; Basis of David's Prosperity
00405-25-2014The Josiah Revival; Walking in the Lord's Commands
00506-01-2014The Josiah Revival; Josiah Smashes Judah's Idols
00606-08-2014(Communion); Finding God's Word
00706-22-2014Finding God's Word & Reading God's Word
00806-29-2014Finding & Reading God's Word, Josiah Repents

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Series:New Testament Letters - 1 Timothy
Teacher:Pastor Paul Schmidtbleicher
Time:Worship Service - Sunday, 7 PM

03603-30-2014Apostasy Predicted to Enter
03704-06-2014Results of Apostasy
03804-13-2014(Communion); Forbidden Foods Under NT
03905-04-2014Dietary Laws Removed; Avoiding Distractions
04005-18-2014(Communion); Distractions; Spiritual vs Physical Workout
04105-25-2014Unlimited Atonement; Direct Pastoral Commands
04206-01-2014Direct Pastoral Pulpit Commands
04306-22-2014Direct Commands for Spiritual Growth
04406-29-2014Graduates; Commands on Approaching Congregation
04507-06-2014The Lord's Principles on Widows

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Series:Selected Proverbs
Teacher:Pastor Paul Schmidtbleicher
Time:Adult Bible Study - Wednesday, 7:30PM (First Session)

27604-23-2014Reading the Heart; Man's Insatiability
27705-07-2014Tested by Praise; Fool's Folly Not Removed
27805-14-2014Vigilence; Life Changes
27905-21-2014Caring for the Assets Given by the Lord
28005-28-2014Unstable Wickedness; Good and Bad Leaders
28106-04-2014Poor on Poor; The Law and the Wicked
28206-11-2014Evil Men Judgement; Righteous Poor, Evil Rich
28306-18-2014Wise & Unwise Sons; Unjust Usury & Payback
28406-25-2014Rejecting God's Law; Leading Others Astray
28507-02-2014Riches & Conceit; Joy in Righteous Blessing

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Series:What the Bible Says About Angels
Teacher:Pastor Paul Schmidtbleicher
Time:Adult Bible Study - Wednesday, 8:00PM (Second Session)

00104-23-2014Angels; Introduction
00205-07-2014Angels; Description & Creation of Angels
00305-14-2014Angels; The Nature of Angels
00405-21-2014Angels; The Nature of Angels (cont)
00505-28-2014Angels; The Angelic Conflict
00606-04-2014Angels; The Angelic Conflict (cont)
00706-11-2014Angels; The Angelic Conflict (conclusion)
00806-18-2014Angels; Detailing the Elect Angels
00906-25-2014Angels; Detailing the Elect Angels (cont)
01007-02-2014Angels; Elect Angel Ministries

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Teacher:Jess Kritsis (March 29, 1922 - July 6, 2012)
Time:(From Tape Archive)

LessonDateTitle Teacher
00101-04-1987EphesiansJess Kritsis
00201-18-1987EphesiansJess Kritsis
00301-18-1987EphesiansJess Kritsis
00401-21-1987EphesiansJess Kritsis
00503-11-1987EphesiansJess Kritsis
00603-15-1987EphesiansJess Kritsis
00703-15-1987EphesiansJess Kritsis
00803-18-1987EphesiansJess Kritsis
00906-10-1987EphesiansJess Kritsis
01006-14-1987EphesiansJess Kritsis
01106-14-1987EphesiansJess Kritsis
01206-17-1987EphesiansJess Kritsis
01306-19-1987EphesiansJess Kritsis
01410-04-1987EphesiansJess Kritsis
01511-11-1987EphesiansJess Kritsis
01611-12-1987EphesiansJess Kritsis
01701-13-1988EphesiansJess Kritsis

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LessonDateTitle Teacher
M00103-16-2014Chafer Seminary Conference ReportPastor Paul Schmidtbleicher
N00103-30-2014The Age of AccountabilityPastor Paul Schmidtbleicher
O00104-13-2014Palm SundayPastor Paul Schmidtbleicher
P00104-16-2014Good FridayPastor Paul Schmidtbleicher
Q00104-20-2014Resurrection SundayPastor Paul Schmidtbleicher
R00104-27-2014Jesus in the MidstDarrin Krauss
R00204-27-2014Jesus in the MidstDarrin Krauss
S00105-11-2014Mother's DayPastor Paul Schmidtbleicher
T00106-15-2014Father's DayPastor Paul Schmidtbleicher
U00107-06-2014Patriotic MessageMSG Pat McGrady

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Teacher:(For all classes.)

00104-24-2010Eight Things Declared to be the Will of God
00204-24-2010Romans Commands
00304-24-20101 Corinthians Commands A
00404-24-20101 Corinthians Commands B
00504-24-20102 Corinthians Commands
00604-24-2010Galatians Commands
00704-24-2010Ephesians Commands
00804-24-20101 Thessalonians Commands
00904-24-20102 Thessalonians Commands
01010-13-2011Colossians Commands

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