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The following audio bible lessons are recordings made during EBC Adult Bible Classes and Worship Services, compressed in MP3 format, and are offered free of charge, on a grace basis. To download, right click on the lesson number and select "Save Target As...". Left click on download to play.

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Available Series

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Series TitleTeacher
Christian History Made EasyCarl Aardsma
Synopsis: A complete survey of Christian History.
First John - Fellowship with GodPastor Paul Schmidtbleicher
Synopsis: A study of 1 John, and how this book of the bible impacts our personal relationship with God.
Judgement on a Corrupt Nation - Part 3Pastor Paul Schmidtbleicher
Synopsis: A study of 2 Kings and 2 Chronicles. A continuation of the series "Judgement on a Corrupt Nation."
New Testament Letters - 1 TimothyPastor Paul Schmidtbleicher
Synopsis: A line-by-line study of the book of 1 Timothy. Part of an ongoing study of all the New Testament epistles.
Selected ProverbsPastor Paul Schmidtbleicher
Synopsis: A detailed study that will help you understand and claim for your own the wisdom God provides in this marvelous Old Testament book.
What the Bible Says About AngelsPastor Paul Schmidtbleicher
Synopsis: An exciting study on Angels - God's Mysterious Creatures.
EphesiansJess Kritsis (March 29, 1922 - July 6, 2012)
Synopsis: A line by line study of the book of Ephesians.
Synopsis: Various special lessons.
HANDOUTS(For all classes.)
Synopsis: Handouts provided during bible classes.

Series:Christian History Made Easy
Teacher:Carl Aardsma
Time:Adult Bible Class - Sunday, 9:30 AM
(NOTE: Lessons with an asterisk * are shorter due to copyrighted DVD material presented during the class, which is not recorded.)

LessonDateTitle Teacher
07508-10-2014Christian History Made EasyCarl Aardsma
07608-17-2014Christian History Made EasyCarl Aardsma
07708-24-2014Christian History Made EasyCarl Aardsma
07808-31-2014Christian History Made EasyCarl Aardsma
07909-07-2014Christian History Made EasyCarl Aardsma
08009-21-2014Christian History Made EasyCarl Aardsma
08109-28-2014Christian History Made EasyCarl Aardsma
08210-05-2014Christian History Made EasyCarl Aardsma
08310-12-2014Christian History Made EasyCarl Aardsma
08410-19-2014Christian History Made EasyCarl Aardsma

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Series:First John - Fellowship with God
Teacher:Pastor Paul Schmidtbleicher
Time:Worship Service - Sunday, 10:30 AM

00110-05-2014Purpose of First John; Introduction
00210-12-2014Purpose of First John; Defining God as Light
00310-19-2014Rejectin & Accepting what the LIGHT Shows

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Series:Judgement on a Corrupt Nation - Part 3
Teacher:Pastor Paul Schmidtbleicher
Time:Worship Service - Sunday, 10:30 AM

00806-29-2014Finding & Reading God's Word, Josiah Repents
00907-20-2014Josiah's Personal Repentance & Revival
01007-27-2014Josiah's Revival Begins
01108-03-2014Josiah's Revival; Evangelism & Removal of Idols
01208-10-2014Josiah's Revival; Passover & Ark Evangelism
01309-21-2014Josiah's Revival; Purging Out Sin; Transform
01409-28-2014Josiah's Revival; Purging Out the Leaven

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Series:New Testament Letters - 1 Timothy
Teacher:Pastor Paul Schmidtbleicher
Time:Worship Service - Sunday, 7 PM

04507-06-2014The Lord's Principles on Widows
04607-20-2014(Communion); Principles on Widows (Part 2)
04707-27-2014Failure to Care for Widows
04808-03-2014Eternal Security; Younger Widows Directions
04908-10-2014(Communion); Younger Widows to Remarry
05009-28-2014Principles for Church & Elders, Pastors
05110-05-2014Principles for Church; Pastors & Accusations
05210-12-2014(Communion); Special Instructions to Timothy
05310-19-2014Special Instructions to Timothy; Servants

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Series:Selected Proverbs
Teacher:Pastor Paul Schmidtbleicher
Time:Adult Bible Study - Wednesday, 7:30PM (First Session)

28807-30-2014Committing Murder; Walking Upright
28908-13-2014Tilling the Land; A Faithful Man of Riches
29009-03-2014Partiality; The Goal of Being Rich
29109-10-2014Power of Rebuke; Devil's Companion
29209-17-2014Pride Stirs Strife; Man's View vs God's
29309-24-2014Giving Charity; Hiding from the Wicked
29410-01-2014Rebellion & Hardening; Righteous Leaders
29510-08-2014Good & Bad Choices; Wise & Unwise Leaders
29610-15-2014Flattery; Evil Persons Ensnared in Sins
29710-22-2014Treatment of Poor; Destroying a City

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Series:What the Bible Says About Angels
Teacher:Pastor Paul Schmidtbleicher
Time:Adult Bible Study - Wednesday, 8:00PM (Second Session)

01307-30-2014Angels; Satan (Rebellion; Titles; Traits)
01408-13-2014Angels; Satan (Traits of Satan; 3 Falls)
01509-03-2014Angels; Satan (Satan; His 3 Falls)
01609-10-2014Angels; Satan (Satan; Works with Unbelievers)
01709-17-2014Angels; Satan (Satan; Works with Nations)
01809-24-2014Angels; Satan (Satan; Works with Believers)
01910-01-2014Angels; Demons; Introduction to Demonology
02010-08-2014Angels; Demons; Biblical Descriptions
02110-15-2014Angels; Demons; Biblical Activities
02210-22-2014Angels; Demons; Activities & Points of Contact

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Teacher:Jess Kritsis (March 29, 1922 - July 6, 2012)
Time:(From Tape Archive)

LessonDateTitle Teacher
00101-04-1987EphesiansJess Kritsis
00201-18-1987EphesiansJess Kritsis
00301-18-1987EphesiansJess Kritsis
00401-21-1987EphesiansJess Kritsis
00503-11-1987EphesiansJess Kritsis
00603-15-1987EphesiansJess Kritsis
00703-15-1987EphesiansJess Kritsis
00803-18-1987EphesiansJess Kritsis
00906-10-1987EphesiansJess Kritsis
01006-14-1987EphesiansJess Kritsis
01106-14-1987EphesiansJess Kritsis
01206-17-1987EphesiansJess Kritsis
01306-19-1987EphesiansJess Kritsis
01410-04-1987EphesiansJess Kritsis
01511-11-1987EphesiansJess Kritsis
01611-12-1987EphesiansJess Kritsis
01701-13-1988EphesiansJess Kritsis

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LessonDateTitle Teacher
A00109-07-2014The Promised Resurrection BodyPastor Paul Schmidtbleicher
A00209-07-2014The Promised Resurrection BodyPastor Paul Schmidtbleicher
B00109-14-2014(Communion) Redeemed and Forgiven by ChristPastor Paul Schmidtbleicher
B00209-14-2014Redeemed and Forgiven by ChristPastor Paul Schmidtbleicher

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Teacher:(For all classes.)

00104-24-2010Eight Things Declared to be the Will of God
00204-24-2010Romans Commands
00304-24-20101 Corinthians Commands A
00404-24-20101 Corinthians Commands B
00504-24-20102 Corinthians Commands
00604-24-2010Galatians Commands
00704-24-2010Ephesians Commands
00804-24-20101 Thessalonians Commands
00904-24-20102 Thessalonians Commands
01010-13-2011Colossians Commands

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