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The following audio bible lessons are recordings made during EBC Adult Bible Classes and Worship Services, compressed in MP3 format, and are offered free of charge, on a grace basis. To download, right click on the lesson number and select "Save Target As...". Left click on download to play.

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Available Series

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Series TitleTeacher
Christian History Made EasyCarl Aardsma
Synopsis: A complete survey of Christian History.
First John - Fellowship with GodPastor Paul Schmidtbleicher
Synopsis: A study of 1 John, and how this book of the bible impacts our personal relationship with God.
New Testament Letters - TitusPastor Paul Schmidtbleicher
Synopsis: A line-by-line study of the book of Titus. Part of an ongoing study of all the New Testament epistles.
Selected ProverbsPastor Paul Schmidtbleicher
Synopsis: A detailed study that will help you understand and claim for your own the wisdom God provides in this marvelous Old Testament book.
What the Bible Says About the Holy SpiritPastor Paul Schmidtbleicher
Synopsis: Learn what the Word of God teaches about the third person of the Trinity: The Holy Spirit.
EphesiansJess Kritsis (March 29, 1922 - July 6, 2012)
Synopsis: A line by line study of the book of Ephesians.
Synopsis: Various special lessons.
HANDOUTS(For all classes.)
Synopsis: Handouts provided during bible classes.

Series:Christian History Made Easy
Teacher:Carl Aardsma
Time:Adult Bible Class - Sunday, 9:30 AM
(NOTE: Lessons with an asterisk * are shorter due to copyrighted DVD material presented during the class, which is not recorded.)

LessonDateTitle Teacher
10806-28-2015Christian History Made EasyCarl Aardsma
10907-05-2015Christian History Made EasyCarl Aardsma
11008-02-2015Christian History Made EasyCarl Aardsma
11108-09-2015Christian History Made EasyCarl Aardsma
11208-16-2015Christian History Made EasyCarl Aardsma
11308-23-2015Christian History Made EasyCarl Aardsma
11408-30-2015Christian History Made EasyCarl Aardsma
11509-06-2015Christian History Made EasyCarl Aardsma
11609-20-2015Christian History Made EasyCarl Aardsma
11709-27-2015Christian History Made EasyCarl Aardsma

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Series:First John - Fellowship with God
Teacher:Pastor Paul Schmidtbleicher
Time:Worship Service - Sunday, 10:30 AM

02606-14-2015(Communion); Antichrists
02707-09-2015False Teacher Enemies; Antichrists
02807-26-2015Believers Indwelt with Spirit Confirm Truth
02908-02-2015Spirit Confirms Truth; Jesus is the Christ
03008-09-2015Denial of Jesus is Really a Denial of God
03108-16-2015David to Abide; Combat by Abiding
03208-23-2015Example; False Teachers; Combat by Abiding
03308-30-2015Importance of Abiding in Him; His Coming
03409-20-2015Importance of Abiding in Him; His Coming
03509-27-2015Abiding in Him for Confidence at His Coming

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Series:New Testament Letters - Titus
Teacher:Pastor Paul Schmidtbleicher
Time:Worship Service - Sunday, 7 PM

00707-19-2015Continuing Revelation of Promise; Preaching
00807-26-2015Grace; Mercy Salutation; Assignment of Titus
00908-02-2015Qualifications for Pastors
01008-09-2015(Communion); Qualifications for Pastor (continued)
01108-16-2015Qualifications for Pastors (continued)
01208-23-2015Dealing with the Rebels; False Teachers
01308-30-2015The Nature of the Cretans
01409-13-2015Cretan Characteristics and Needed Rebuke
01509-20-2015Cretan Influenced by Unsound Teachings
01609-27-2015Believers Pure and Believers Defiled

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Series:Selected Proverbs
Teacher:Pastor Paul Schmidtbleicher
Time:Adult Bible Study - Wednesday, 7:30PM (First Session)

32607-22-2015Contend for the Weak; Contend for the Poor
32707-29-2015Intro on Perfect Wife; A Husband's Trust
32808-05-2015A Dedicated Wife; A Wife Skilled with Hands
32908-12-2015Cooking Exciting Meals; Early Feeding Men
33008-19-2015(Selected Proverbs)
33108-26-2015Hard Work Marketing; Weaving Cloth
33209-02-2015Help for the Poor; Warm Winter Clothing
33309-09-2015Makes Her Clothing; Husband Clothes Respect
33409-16-2015Makes & Sells Cloth & Clothes; Her Strength
33509-23-2015She Speaks with Wisdom; Cares for Household

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Series:What the Bible Says About the Holy Spirit
Teacher:Pastor Paul Schmidtbleicher
Time:Adult Bible Study - Wednesday, 8:00PM (Second Session)

02607-22-2015Holy Spirit; Spiritual Gifts
02707-29-2015Holy Spirit; Spiritual Gifts (continued)
02808-05-2015Holy Spirit; Spiritual Gifts Temporary
02908-12-2015Holy Spirit; Spiritual Gifts Permanent
03008-19-2015Holy Spirit; Permanent Gifts; Holy Spirit Filling
03108-26-2015Holy Spirit; His Filling; Works for the Believer
03209-02-2015Holy Spirit; Works for Believers
03309-09-2015Holy Spirit; Works for Believers; Filling
03409-16-2015Holy Spirit; Works for Believers; Filling
03509-23-2015Holy Spirit; Results; Walking in the Spirit

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Teacher:Jess Kritsis (March 29, 1922 - July 6, 2012)
Time:(From Tape Archive)

LessonDateTitle Teacher
00101-04-1987EphesiansJess Kritsis
00201-18-1987EphesiansJess Kritsis
00301-18-1987EphesiansJess Kritsis
00401-21-1987EphesiansJess Kritsis
00503-11-1987EphesiansJess Kritsis
00603-15-1987EphesiansJess Kritsis
00703-15-1987EphesiansJess Kritsis
00803-18-1987EphesiansJess Kritsis
00906-10-1987EphesiansJess Kritsis
01006-14-1987EphesiansJess Kritsis
01106-14-1987EphesiansJess Kritsis
01206-17-1987EphesiansJess Kritsis
01306-19-1987EphesiansJess Kritsis
01410-04-1987EphesiansJess Kritsis
01511-11-1987EphesiansJess Kritsis
01611-12-1987EphesiansJess Kritsis
01701-13-1988EphesiansJess Kritsis

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LessonDateTitle Teacher
A00107-12-2015God's Truth Transforms a NationCarl Aardsma
B00109-06-2015Labor Day 2015Pastor Paul Schmidtbleicher
C00109-13-2015(Communion Message)Pastor Paul

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Teacher:(For all classes.)

00104-24-2010Eight Things Declared to be the Will of God
00204-24-2010Romans Commands
00304-24-20101 Corinthians Commands A
00404-24-20101 Corinthians Commands B
00504-24-20102 Corinthians Commands
00604-24-2010Galatians Commands
00704-24-2010Ephesians Commands
00804-24-20101 Thessalonians Commands
00904-24-20102 Thessalonians Commands
01010-13-2011Colossians Commands

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